Smoking Control in the Workplace: is Workplace SizeRelated to Restrictions and Programs?

Ashley MJ, Eakin J, Bull S, Pederson L. Ontario Tobacco Research Unit. University of Toronto, Canada.

Summary: Regarding smoking control in the workplace, small independent operations may differ from large workplaces or from small worksites that are branch units of large companies/organizations. We examined the relationships of worksite and company size to workplace smoking restrictions and programs, using data from a population-based telephone survey. Three worker groups, differentiated by worksite and company size, were compared. Small workplace workers were least knowledgeable about smoking restrictions, reported fewer restrictions in place, and were least willing to intervene in coworkers' smoking. As well, smoking-related programs, although generally uncommon, were reported least often by these workers. Branch workers were not uniformly similar to either small or large workplace workers. In policy and program interventions, organizational influences and/or attributes of individuals drawn to different-size work settings should be considered.