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100% Smoke-free Simcoe County

The health unit is working with all 18 local municipal councils to develop 100% smoke-free bylaws to protect residents and visitors from the health hazard posed by secondhand smoke.

Orillia, Springwater, Essa, and Clearview were the first to take a leadership role and pass 100% smoke-free bylaws. They went into effect at the end of May 2002. Collingwood becomes smoke free in all but a few places as of September 30, 2002. Bradford West Gwillimbury and New Tecumseth councils have each begun the process and are staggering implementation of No Smoking bylaws for public and workplaces in their municipalities beginning Sept. 15 and Sept. 30 respectively.

Unfortunately that leaves 11 municipal councils that have not yet successfully dealt with this deadly hazard. Check Municipal Updates to see how far your local council has come and what you can do to help clear the air of secondhand smoke in your community.

The facts on secondhand smoke


1. Smoking and its impact
Who is smoking in Simcoe County and what impact does smoking have on them?

2. Why we need bylaws
Municipalities have a legal mandate and ethical responsibility to take action to protect residents and visitors from secondhand smoke.

3. Advice to Municipalities from the Medical Officer of Health
A uniform bylaw should be passed by councils of municipalities in Simcoe County.

4. Exposure to secondhand smoke
How many cigarettes have you been smoking without knowing it?

5. Economic impact small
See the research available that shows there is no long-term impact on business.

6. Health unit efforts
Prevention, cessation and protection -- a three-pronged approach to promote smoke-free living.

7. What you can do
If you want your community to make public places 100% smoke-free, there are lots of ways you can get involved.

8. Designated Smoking Rooms/Ventilation Systems Designated smoking rooms (DSR)and ventilation systems do not protect people's health.

9. Frequently asked questions

Science and Jessica make it clear: Itís a health issue
Simcoe County Grade 4 student Jessica Lajner took 2nd place in the S.C. Area 3 Junior Life division at the 2002 Science Fair for her project outlining the deadly health effects of smoking and secondhand smoke. She went on to earn an honorable mention at the regional level. Congratulations to Jessica.














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