The Smoke Free Lobby Kit
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The Smoke-Free Lobby: An Advocacy Resource for Volunteers and Staff Working Towards a Smoke-Free Ontario.

Welcome to the Smoke-Free Lobby, an advocacy resource for community-based volunteers and staff working towards a smoke-free Ontario. Our lobby contains information and tools for use in speaking with government officials at the provincial and municipal levels. Whether you are experienced in making the case for greater tobacco control or a first-time enthusiast, we believe you will find the following information useful. Please be sure to refer to this website periodically as we endeavour to keep the information here as up-to-date and useful as possible.

This resource is produced under the auspices of the Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco, in association with the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario, The Canadian Cancer Society (Ontario Division) and the Ontario Lung Association. Special funding for this initiative has been provided by the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario.