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While the Ontario Campaign concentrates most of its efforts on the promotion of smoke-free policies, we also work on a number of other tobacco control issues, notably taxation, smuggling, and sales and marketing to youth.

Taxation, perhaps the single most effective means of reducing tobacco consumption and prevalence, is a widely-utilized strategy, and one where a great deal of evidence about its effectiveness is available.

The following are a selection of documents on cigarette taxation in Canada:

A Win-Win: Enhancing Public Health and Public Revenue. Recommendations to Increase Tobacco Taxes. A Submission to the Hon. Ralph Goodale, Minister of Finance. January 2004.

Tobacco Control: Myths and Realities. The Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco. Michael Perley, Director. February 2003.

Cigarette prices along the Canada-U.S. border. The Non-Smokers' Rights Association. The tax map was last updated April 24, 2003.

  • Ontario and Quebec recently increased the tax on a carton of cigarettes by $2.50. Shortly after, British Columbia increased their tax by $3.80.

Smoking and the price of cigarettes in Ontario. Ontario Tobacco Research Unit. May 2002.

“Compilation of Selected Evidence Regarding the Impact of Higher Tobacco Prices on Tobacco Use: A Submission Prepared for the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance.” Canadian Cancer Society. September 2001.

  • Copies available at the National Office of the Canadian Cancer Society.
    10 Alcorn Avenue, Suite 200, Toronto, ON M4V 3B1
    Tel: 416.961.7223

Tobacco Taxes and Prices in Canada. David Sweanor, Senior Legal Counsel. Smoking and Health Action Foundation. February 1998.

The Relationship of Cigarette Prices and No-Smoking Bylaws to the Prevalence of Smoking in Canada. Stephens T, et al. American Journal of Public Health. September 1997; 87(9): 519-1521.

The 1994 Tobacco Tax Cuts: Revenue Impact and Policy Alternatives. Heather Selin, Policy Consultant. Non-Smokers' Rights Association. 1996.

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