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Youth Marketing

Below are links that will provide you with an overview of the availability of tobacco products to young people and the extent to which the tobacco industry has promoted this availability.

Tobacco industry research on smoking cessation. Recapturing young adults and other recent quitters. Ling, PM, Glantz, SA. J Gen Intern Med 2004 May; 19(5 Pt 1):419-26.

Back to the future: Smoking in movies in 2002 compared with 1950 levels. Glantz, SA et al. Am J Pub Health 2004 Feb; 94(2):262-3.

Young Adults: Vulnerable New Targets of Tobacco Marketing. Biener, L. and Albers, A.B. Am J Pub Health. 2004 Feb; 94(2): 326-330.

Using Tobacco-Industry Marketing Research to Design more Effective Tobacco-Control Campaigns. Ling Pamela M. and Glantz Stanton A. Journal of the American Medical Association. 12 June 2002; 287(22): 2983-2988.

More Smoke and Mirrors: Tobacco Industry-Sponsored Youth Prevention Programs in the Context of Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs in Canada. Ontario Medical Association position statement. February 2002.

Tobacco Industry Promotion of Cigarettes and Adolescent Smoking. Pierce John P., et al. PhD. Journal of the American Medical Association. 18 February 1998; 279(7): 511-16.

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